” Having relaxation and solution focused Hypnotherapy with Sarah has been a life changing experience. I now feel more in control of my emotions, and have a more relaxed and calm attitude to life and the issues, situations, and tensions that occur everyday. I am finding that I am less anxious, and therefore more relaxed, in situations that would have made me previously tense and nervous.

I feel that I have a clearer more focused outlook, and awareness of planning for the near future without over stressing about ‘what might happen.’ I also feel able to listen and respond to others better, as I am not so locked into my own world.

 Sarah is a great facilitator, listening and responding in a thoughtful and positive way.” – M.A.


“I received 11 sessions of Hypnotherapy from Sarah over a period of 5 months. I found the sessions to be relaxing and enjoyable and after each session I felt uplifted in spirit.

The overall effect of the sessions was very positive as each session encouraged me to focus on what is important to my well-being, to think about what I need to do to maintain good health and happiness and to act on it. I found I was able to create achievable steps towards my aims and objectives which in turn built up my self-confidence and self-esteem. I could appreciate my skills and achievements and maintain focus to keep working in a positive direction. When I listen to the CD I can reach a very relaxed state and enjoy being in the now. It gives me time for me, time to slow down and regain my energy and resolve.

Thanks so much Sarah, these sessions have benefitted me greatly.” – J.E.


“This carries the words of my thanks, absolute grattitude to you for equipping me with the most fantastic and infinite toolbelt of help one could ever need. Sarah, you have helped me so much, thank you again – with much love” - S-J. A.


“I received 9 sessions of Hypnotherapy from Sarah over a 3 month period. I also had Reiki sessions with Sarah at this time and the combination worked really well for me.

Sarah’s positive, calming and caring approach gave me the support and guidance I needed to empower myself. She taught me about the mind and why it behaves in a certain way and how the Hypnotherapy works to change thought and response patterns.

Not only was this a healing process, but a learning experience, giving me an opportunity to focus on and listen to my mind and body in a positive way.

The CD has been and continues to be hugely helpful to me as a way of releasing anxiety and stress as well as acting as a form of meditation.” – N.S.


“I have had about 10 sessions of hypnotherapy, Sarah made me feel very comfortable and at ease. After the first couple of sessions I felt a change in my attitude, and for once in my life I could cope with certain anxieties which I had always struggled with. I highly recommend Sarah for hypnotherapy and for other therapies.”J.E.


“I really wanted to update you on my hypnotherapy results since I saw you last May. Well, I’m not smoking which is flippin’ marvellous and I’ve been sleeping like a log and generally feel pretty good. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH. All in all I’m continuing to feel the benefit of your therapy and am extremely grateful. With many, many thanks.” – B.C.